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Город: Кировоград

Оценка: 1 star


If you intend on buying something at the Citrus store, be prepared for 3 things: (1) their consultants don't know some of the most important details about their products. So unless you do your own extensive research ahead of time, you might end up buying something you actually can't use because of the incompetent store workers;(2) the "new" product you buy at the store might actually have scratches on it. So make sure to carefully inspect what you are buying under the magnifying glass. Also make sure you have enough time for this very detailed product inspection - buying things in a hurry from these guys might lead to a huge disappointment;(3) don't hold high hopes that you'd be able to return the product if it doesn't work out!!! Even if you don't use it or turn it on. They might actually accuse you of scratching the product, which is not a pleasant experience. Citrus stores might look like any other US or European store, but they are NOT. Very sad, but very true. Spend you money elsewhere.